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About us

The quality standard in business travel

Delivering excellent service every day, that’s what Munckhof Business Travel stands for. We believe that organizing business travel can be more pleasant, efficient and effective by putting people at the heart of our services. Our drive to make your business travel successful goes far.
We take that one extra mile. Always. That defines Munckhof Business Travel.

Munckhof Business Travel offer you more: 

Meer excellente service
More excellent service

Organizing business trips is people work and, in our opinion, requires a personal approach. Our added value lies in our involvement. We know our clients personallt and are truly a partner in the field of business travel. 

The honesty, empathy and solution based approach of our people is characteristic to our services. From travel policy consultancy to our own 24/7 support service, we are always there for you. One phone call to your dedicated contact person is enough.
Meer health, risk & safety
More health, risk & safety

Recent developments have made business travel more complex. At Munckhof we understand this all too well. A business trip with peace of mind is therefore the most important thing for us.
By sharing our knowledge, experience and smart technology with you, we will do our utmost best to offer certainty in travel. By drawing up a travel risk strategy together, security risks can be limited and thanks to our pro-active communication and smart tools, you are fully in control. We seamlessly connect information and data exchange with the client and their needs, so monitoring, analysis and reporting are always up to date.
Meer kostenbesparing
More savings

Benefit from the service and technology of a travel management company and reduce costs simultaneously?

Munckhof guarantees it! The fee we charge for our services always has a positive return. You always save more than you pay. We always go the extra mile to advise on the most advantageous business travel options.


Munckhof Group
Munckhof Business Travel is a business travel agency that is part of the Munckhof Group. With over 90 years of experience, Munckhof calls itself an expert in passenger transport and business travel.  We are proud of that! By putting people at the heart of our services, we can guarantee high quality and service. That is why you will always find a team near you!

Munckhof Group and Hansea are part of InfraMobility.

InfraMobility is a portfolio company of DWS Group (a German investment fund) and is organizationally above Munckhof and Hansea.

About Hansea
Hansea unites transport companies with a passion for people and mobility. In Belgium, Hansea is the largest public transport contractor. Today, 20 bus companies in Belgium make up Hansea. These are bus companies providing urban and regional connections on behalf of public transport companies De Lijn and TEC. In addition, these companies are active in school and staff transport and coach services.

About DWS Group
DWS Group is a German infrastructure, energy and mobility investment fund with around EUR 24.4 billion in assets under management (as of September 2021). Originally part of Deutsche Bank, DWS Group was founded in 1956. The DWS Group operates globally and has a strong international reputation. Especially in Europe, they make long-term investments with a focus on sustainability. Headquartered in London, they mainly invest in companies committed to sustainable mobility, such as airports, train operators and bus companies.

The largest mobility network in the Benelux
With 3,000 experts in national and international passenger transport, InfraMobility aspires to become the strongest mobility network in the Benelux. Investments in sustainability, service quality and innovation will be central to this.

Facts & Figures of InfraMobility:

  • Provides mobility for 47 million people annually with 2,250 vehicles
  • Invests in sustainable mobility, among other things thanks to emission-free vehicles 
  • Counts 3,000 experts in mobility
  • Operates from 50 locations in the Benelux
  • Drives 88 million kilometres a year
  • Annual turnover of 285 million euro 
  • Books 135,000 international business trips per year

ESG Commitment
At Munckhof, we are proud to share our new ESG statement, highlighting our commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and ethical governance.


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