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Certificates and quality marks

As a leading passenger carrier and travel organisation, Munckhof holds a wide range of certifications and industry-specific seals of approval.

ANVR Luchtvaartagenten en Zakenreisbureaus (VLZ) The ANVR is an industry organisation for travel agents. Munckhof is a member of ANVR Luchtvaartagenten en Zakenreisbureaus (VLZ) and therefore offers its travellers security, quality and guarantee with, among other things, the ANVR Travel and Booking Conditions and the Travel Disputes Committee. More information about ANVR can be found at


IATA (International Air Transport Association) Munckhof is a member of IATA, the international trade association for the air transport industry. Through membership of IATA, Munckhof is authorised to issue airline tickets for all (approximately 250) member airlines.


PCI DSS PCI DSS is the main security standard for the card payment industry and includes comprehensive requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical security measures. Munckhof is certified and compliant with the PCI DSS security standard. Your card data is optimally protected with us.


ISO 27001 & ISO 27701 (information security) Securing information properly is essential nowadays. With ISO 27001 certification, Munckhof demonstrates that its information management is sound and reliable. ISO 27701 certification indicates that Munckhof controls privacy risks and that personally identifiable information is managed properly. The entire Munckhof organisation is ISO 27001 & ISO 27701 certified.

Kiwa certificaat

ISO 14001 (environment) Munckhof invests in the environment and in sustainability. For example, we have held the ISO 14001 certificate for many years. This certification imposes various requirements on the organisation’s environmental friendliness. In addition, Munckhof naturally complies with all the requirements set by the legislator regarding environmental legislation.

ISO 9001 14001

ISO 9001 (quality) ISO 9001 certification focuses on quality assurance of working procedures, instructions and reports. As an ISO certified company, Munckhof has an obligation to continuously improve its services to achieve an even higher level of quality. This is checked annually by external auditors.

ISO 9001 14001

PSO Stage 3 With the PSO Stage 3 certificate, Munckhof is one of the leaders in providing employment to the PSO target group. This means that we offer employment to more people from the PSO target group than organisations of the same size class. Munckhof meets the qualitative requirements with regard to suitable employment, integration, functioning, development and guidance.


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