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“Customer recognition is our strength. We only need one word”

Customer recognition is key

The strength of our excellent service lies in the fact that it feels natural to our people. The personal approach, knowing the customer and going that extra mile is what drives many of our employees. This is also the case for Gertrude, Travel Consultant at Munckhof Business Travel Veenendaal. She tells us more about her work.

Organising business travel is much more to us than booking a ticket. To serve a client well, it is essential to recognize and acknowledge the client. Only then can you provide the customization and service that really makes a client happy.

It starts from the moment the phone rings. “Good morning with Gertrude from Munckhof Business Travel”, “Hello with Kees!”. A first name is enough. I know immediately that it is Kees from XYZ and he is probably already on his way to Schiphol. This is regularly the case with him. “I have to go to Valencia, what can you do for me?”. I check the possibilities for a flight today and tell him that I can put him on a flight in 2 hours. “That should work out” he says, and I send him his ticket directly into his mailbox.

Because I know Kees by now, I know that he is often in a hurry, so I offer to reserve a parking space for him online near the terminal. That saves him time. In the meantime, he remembers that he needs a car in Valencia. No problem. I know Kees always wants a compact class car from Hertz, unless he has to visit an important client, in which case we go for a larger size. I quickly check if his favorite hotel is available and tell him that everything is arranged. For Kees one 5-minute phone call was enough, behind the scenes I arranged everything.

Of course, not everyone is like Kees. Many of our bookings are made earlier and of course everyone has a different set of wishes and requirements. What matters is that, as soon as we pick up the phone, we actually know who is on the other end of the line, what his wishes are and how we can best serve him. One word is enough for us.”

Gertrude Recter
Gertrude Recter
Business Travel Consultant
Gertrude Recter

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