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KLM bluebiz, the best for business travel

Bluebiz is the best programme for business travel. With a wide range of benefits, bluebiz takes business travel to the next level. Save blue credits and redeem them easily for free flights, ticket upgrades, extra baggage, an a-la-carte meal, lounge access, a seat with more comfort or use your blue credits to offset your company’s expected CO2 impact in the last 12 months.

Enjoy the benefits of bluebiz

You can see your blue credits as money, i.e. 1 blue credit is worth 1 euro. You can easily calculate how many blue credits you save per flight.

Priority for rebooking in the event of flight disruption and on the waiting list.
Bluebiz members get preferential treatment on KLM service points. If a trip does not go as planned, your travellers will be among the first to enjoy priority services on Air France and KLM flights.

ICA flight full? You’re guaranteed a seat if you pay the full Y-class fare. And in most booking classes, you can have a name changed free of charge

You and your colleagues will be recognised by KLM at the gate, at check-in and on board. And priority for zonal boarding.


Double benefit with bluebiz and Flying Blue

With bluebiz, as a Flying Blue member you receive not only blue credits, but also your Flying Blue Miles. So a business flight provides double benefits: blue credits for your company and Flying Blue Miles for the passenger. So save Flying Blue Miles and blue credits on the same ticket!


How does it work?

  1. Save
    Saving blue credits is very simple. Mention your bluebiz number with every booking or ask us to include your bluebiz number in every booking. You can add your flights to your bluebiz account* up to three months after the flight.
  2. Spend
    • Pay for your entire ticket with blue credits, each blue credit is worth 1 euro
    • Use your blue credits for upgrades and flight-related services, such as a more comfortable seat, extra baggage or access to the KLM Crown Lounge
    • Contribute to sustainability and use your blue credits to offset your company’s expected CO2 impact over the past year

Savings formula

KLM bluebiz

Want to know more?

For a complete overview of all bluebiz benefits, visit Here you will also find the online service centre where you can ask all your questions.

Within a few days of your application, you will receive the bluebiz details. If you make a flight with KLM, Air France or one of the bluebiz partners within six months of registering, you will also receive an extra bonus of 50 blue credits.

*If the bluebiz number is not entered before the ticket is printed, the corporate benefits lapse and the customer only earns blue credits.