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How do I get a better handle on my travel costs?

Imagine a single dashboard that reflects your travel policy, where your organization quickly and easily books business travel and has an instant overview of all business travel. Our travel management tool i:Mo is more than an online booking tool, it’s a complete instant cockpit. And you get to turn the knobs!

“Whether it’s maintaining effective travel policies, controlling costs or knowing where your travelers are: keeping a grip on business travel is often a challenge.”


Munckhof’s online travel management tool i:Mo offers a solution for this. A clear dashboard where you can find everything, completely organized according to your travel policy.

How do I get a better grip on my travel costs?

There is more to saving costs than just finding the cheapest fares. The most important thing is that the travel fits within the travel policy of your organization. Using the travel policy when booking business travel can result in big savings. But how do you make sure that your employees act accordingly? That is where i:Mo comes in!

i:Mo is a travel management tool, that allows you to quickly and easily book travel and gives you an instant overview of all your business trips. The advantage of i:Mo is that it guarantees the booking of the ‘best buy’ according to your travel policy. The dashboard will be fully set up according to your wishes, which means that the booking tool will always show the option that fits best within the policy. Route deals of your organization with airlines or hotels are of course included in this. You can even exclude options that fall outside the policy, or to link an approval system.

What other buttons can you use?

The dashboard is all in one. I:Mo offers the best sides of an online airline ticket tool, such as CheapTickets or Skyscanner, supplemented with important features for booking business travel. Among them:

  • Corporate savings programs can be integrated. This ensures that points can always be automatically saved and can be redeemed in the most advantageous way.
  • Travelers can use a free app, with which they can manage their travel details.
  • Munckhof’s 24-hour service is always available; a big advantage over booking tickets or hotels through internet providers.
  • Thanks to this tool, you have insight into turnover concentration per supplier.
  • You can always be sure that bookers and travelers are adhering to your travel policy.

Would you like to try our travel management tool? Request a free demo! We build the cockpit, you decide where we go.


Paul Timmermans
Paul Timmermans
Result Manager
Paul Timmermans