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On a business trip by train: the comfortable medium-distance alternative

Do you regularly fly to Brussels, London or Berlin for your organization? Then consider taking the train. After all, these destinations are easily accessible. You will reach your destination in no time. In this blog, we have listed a number of advantages especially for you.

More comfort and space on board
Every international train has comfortable seats (depending on the class in which you travel) and plenty of legroom. You can stretch your legs at any time during the journey. Traveling during the day? The windows in all compartments provide natural light. Working in natural light has a positive impact on your health and boosts productivity.

Make the most of your time
Comfortable seating allows you to get through your work with ease. In addition, every international train is equipped with free WiFi connection and power outlets. You are always accessible and can work when it suits you.

The green alternative to short flights
Would you like to travel more sustainably? Then traveling by train might be a good alternative. Traveling by train is a more climate-friendly option compared to air travel. The difference is greatest for travel distances of less than 700 kilometers. On average, air travel taxes the environment 7 to 11 times more than the same trip by train.

Travel to the city center with ease
Get off the train in the city center. Depending on your final destination, you can continue your journey. From the station, you have easy access to other public transportation. Moreover, you don’t have to put yourself through the city’s traffic and you don’t pay parking fees.

In short, do you often travel to European destinations and are considering the train? For more information, please contact your contact person at Munckhof Business Travel.

Mascha Boelens
Mascha Boelens
Result Manager
Mascha Boelens