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100% in control with your own travel cockpit

Imagine a single dashboard where you can quickly and easily book business travel and have an instant overview of all business travel. Our travel management tool i:Mo is more than an online booking tool, it’s a complete instant cockpit. And you get to turn the knobs! 

“Whether it’s finding the most advantageous bookings, cost control or knowing where your travelers are: keeping a grip on business travel is often a challenge.”

The online travel management tool i:Mo from Munckhof Business Travel offers a solution for this. No more loose e-mails and dozens of tabs, but a clear dashboard where you can find everything.

How do you find the cheapest option for your business trip?

The choice is huge! And that can sometimes be a disadvantage, because how do you find the cheapest flight and hotel quickly and easily? Our i:Mo cockpit brings together all available fares for flights, hotels and rental cars. And by all rates, we really mean all rates. Unlike other online booking tools, we also offer the low-cost airlines and Munckhof Business Travel is one of the few to have a full integration with That makes our travel management tool unique and complete.

How can i:Mo contribute to cost savings?

There is more to saving costs than just finding the cheapest rates. The trip has to fit within the travel policy of your organization and meet the personal needs of the traveler. Also when your organization has special route deals with an airline or a hotel these will be highlighted. This way you can be sure that you always choose the best buy.

What other buttons can you turn?

I:Mo offers the best of an online airline ticket tool, such as CheapTickets or Skyscanner, supplemented with important features for booking business travel. Among them:

  • In the dashboard you always have a complete overview of travel: both the bookings you have made yourself, and the bookings one of our travel consultants has made for you. So you always know where your travelers are.
  • Thanks to the personal traveler profiles, you have all the information about the traveler at a glance. In addition, the data is automatically integrated when a booking is made, which saves a lot of time for you.
  • Corporate loyalty programs can be integrated so that you no longer need to maintain separate accounts for them.
  • Travelers can use a free app with which they can manage their travel data.
  • The 24-hour service of Munckhof Business Travel is always available; a big advantage over booking tickets or hotels through internet providers.

Would you like to try our travel management tool? Request a free demo! We build the cockpit, you decide where to go.

Mascha Boelens
Mascha Boelens
Result Manager
Mascha Boelens