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How do you ensure safety, trust and security for your travelers?

To quickly take a plane to Paris. This it is not as easy as it used to be. The ease with which we used to go to a foreign destination is no longer present in the current situation.

“The need for safety, trust and security prevails. To keep up in this changing world, a Travel Management Company can help tremendously!”


  • Directing business travel is hugely dynamic

Whereas until recently you could focus mainly on finding the most advantageous flights and hotels, in today’s situation that is only a small part of the picture. Far more important are questions such as: What is the security like at my destination? How do I ensure that my travelers are safe on the road? What if an emergency occurs? How do I stay in control of business travel? Organizing business travel has taken on a whole new dimension. By working with a Travel Management Company you know that you always have an expert on hand to support you and fall back on in complex situations.

  • Duty of care is currently more important

The legal duty of care says that organizations are responsible for informing travelers in a timely manner, facilitating a 24/7 emergency service and being able to track travelers. The challenge of meeting this is ever greater when everything is self-regulated. It is a time-consuming task to keep all the latest information up to date and to inform travellers in time; after all, things can change every minute. In addition, the likelihood that a traveler will need assistance en route is percentage-wise greater. Due to the uncertain and changeable situation, unexpected help may be needed more often. In addition, travelers themselves also point out the employer’s duty of care. After all, they want to travel on business with certainty.

  • Cost control is more complex

Also when it comes to costs, new dimensions are important in business travel. Due to the uncertainty in every area, there is an increasing need for flexibility and overview. When booking business travel without a TMC, there are few, if any, options for flexibly handling bookings. A payment must be made immediately and if for any reason something does not go through, refunds are complex. The vouchers for different people, refunds on different credit cards and ongoing declaration processes make it virtually impossible to keep an overview and simultaneously control costs.

To get and keep a grip on the new situation regarding business travel, we always recommend using a TMC. Your knowledge of your organization and your business travelers, combined with our (online) booking tool, information sources and 24/7 assistance will ensure that your business travel needs are met.

Experience it yourself!

Mascha Boelens
Mascha Boelens
Result Manager
Mascha Boelens