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Why are we available 24/7?

Munckhof employees can be reached by phone 24/7. A service we offer our customers because our services also continue 24 hours a day. Whether it is a business traveller who is on the other side of the world and has a problem with their journey or a customer we need to take to their destination by road at night. When Munckhof customers are travelling, we are available.

Always in touch with travellers

With the automation and digitalisation of many processes, 24/7 telephone accessibility should, in theory, no longer be necessary. Nevertheless, we have a policy that every traveller should be able to speak to a Munckhof employee when needed. In business travel, our on-call service is mainly deployed when there are major delays or cancellations on flights, when the traveller has missed a flight or in the event of emergencies that require rescheduling. Our staff then immediately go to work for the traveller to find an alternative.

You always call Munckhof, not an external call centre

Our service is characterised by a personal customer approach. By paying a lot of attention to getting to know the customer, we know what is important to the traveller and what wishes he or she has. We have incorporated all this in customer profiles that can be consulted by the relevant employees. We value a personal approach and therefore choose to be available with our own staff even at night. At Munckhof, you won’t get an external call centre from a faraway country on the line when you call at night.

Service and necessity

Being available by phone 24/7 is a service that even in this digital age is of great added value and often even necessary. Nothing is more annoying than not getting in touch with the business travel agency when you have an acute problem. This service will therefore definitely be maintained in the future.

What are your experiences with a 24-hour on-call service?

Mascha Boelens
Mascha Boelens
Result Manager
Mascha Boelens