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We always have a can-do mentality

No thresholds, personal contact and always transparent; that is what makes our service so special. We want our customers to feel at home. We find out more in conversation with Tim Rietbergen, Team Leader at Munckhof Business Travel Veenendaal.

A customer should feel at home

Our travel consultants have a lot of contact with our customers every day. Some call in for a quick check about their trip, while others talk in detail about the trips that need to be booked. Whatever the subject of the conversation, there is always time for a sympathetic ear.

“Listening seems very natural, but is incredibly important. By really listening to each other you get to know each other better. That is not only an advantage for the client, but also for us it is nice to know with whom you are in contact. Through good communication, you know exactly what you have in common.”

This honesty is also something that graces our service. We will always do our best to serve the customer, but remain very honest. Honest, but realistic. As a result, the customer always knows where he stands.

“A wish or question is actually never too crazy. We will persist for a customer to get things done. The extra steps that a travel management company can take for a client therefore often pay off.”

Common in this is combining trips to realize savings. Creative booking is daily business for us and can pay off handsomely. In addition, there are always special requests or ad hoc matters where we can help people out. Our extensive network and 24-hour service help with this. “The other day there was a director, who was just boarding, but was refused due to customs formalities. Fortunately, he quickly connected with us and we were able to get started. After a few phone calls, we were able to adjust the ticket and he was able to board his flight after all. Without this service he would not have been able to continue his journey.”

Tim Rietbergen
Tim Rietbergen
Tim Rietbergen

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