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Munckhof and Hansea join forces

Horst, 22 April 2022

Munckhof joins forces with Hansea, the Belgian specialist in mobility of people. With their 3,000 experts in national and international passenger transport, the two companies aspire to become the strongest mobility network in the Benelux. Their effort is driven by investments in sustainability, service quality and innovation.

Passion for people and mobility. That is the connecting factor between the two companies. Whereas Munckhof uses the slogan ‘Mensen maken Munckhof’, Hansea uses ‘People in e-motion’. Together Munckhof and Hansea provide mobility solutions for more than 47 million people annually from 50 locations in the Benelux. They complement each other perfectly in their services. Where Munckhof in the Netherlands is well known for all types of transport involving taxis, buses, planes and trains, Hansea in Belgium is a leader in all forms of bus transport such as public transport, school and staff transport and coach services. In this new partnership, both companies will exchange their knowledge and experience in terms of passenger transport and international business travel.

A joint investment in the mobility of tomorrow
By pooling their resources, Hansea and Munckhof can cater even better to an ever-changing market that demands sustainable investments in all types of national and international passenger transport. Individually Hansea and Munckhof are significant players in Belgium and the Netherlands respectively. Together, they form the strongest network of mobility experts in the Benelux.

Hansea acquires 100% of the shares of Munckhof Group BV. Hansea is a portfolio company of DWS Infrastructure, a European investment fund with a focus on long-term investments and sustainability. Munckhof’s current shareholders Tom Roefs, Jos Poortinga and Patrick Straetemans will become co-shareholders in Hansea while remaining in place as the Board of Directors of Munckhof. The transaction is yet to be approved by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Market (ACM).

The future
In the future the new mobility network will be able to offer even better, more sustainable and innovative solutions thanks to synergy, economies of scale and investment power. The service and activities both customers and staff are accustomed to will remain guaranteed.
Munckhof CEO Tom Roefs: “We are very proud to join forces with Hansea in order to form one of the largest organizations in terms of the mobility of people in the Benelux. This partnership will accelerate our ambitions to grow, become more sustainable and invest even more resources in quality and innovation. The intensive sharing of knowledge and economies of scale are important preconditions to make this happen. We see wonderful opportunities for our taxi, coach and travel activities.”

Hansea CEO Joris Larosse: “We welcome our colleagues from Munckhof to the Hansea fold. Their experience in taxi, tour and travel greatly enriches our range of mobility solutions. I am looking forward to the mix of passion, commitment and expertise of our 3,000 professionals in the Benelux network, where people and mobility are always central.”

Facts & figures of the mobility network (Munckhof en Hansea)

·       Meets the mobility needs of 47 million passengers per year with 2,250 vehicles

·       Invests in sustainable mobility, among others through zero-emission vehicles

·       Boasts 3,000 experts in mobility

·       Operates from 50 locations in the Benelux

·       Travels 88 million kilometres per year

·       Realises an annual turnover of €259 million

·       Books 150,000 plane tickets per year

·      Is backed by its strong shareholder DWS, which is a leading global infrastructure investor with approximately EUR 24.4 billion of assets under management (as of September 2021), in Europe and North America across the debt, equity, and listed platforms