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Sustainability themed aircraft of Turkish Airlines is in the skies

Bringing together regions, cultures, and economies with its flights operated to over 326 destinations in five continents, Turkish Airlines continues to open its wings for the future of our world.

Campaigning against the environmental problems facing our world at every area the latest initiative was to use environmentally friendly fuel during its Istanbul – Paris flight on 2 February 2022. The plan is to increase the frequencies and destinations that use this fuel which is now being used on one flight per week for Paris, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London and Stockholm flights with a Sustainability themed aircraft. Sustainable aviation fuel that will be used for Turkish Airlines has 87 percent less greenhouse gas compared to fossil fuels. In addition, Turkish Airlines has one of the youngest fleet in the world which has more than 372 aircrafts with an average of 8.8 years. New aircrafts such as the A350 and B787 Dreamliner has been added to the fleet.

Istanbul Airport

Commencing its operations on 29 October 2018, Istanbul Airport stands out with its annual passenger capacity of 90 million in first phase and overall capacity of 200 million when all phases are completed. Istanbul Airport promises maximum comfort to its visitors by operating flights from one single terminal. Istanbul Airport can perform independent parallel operations (allowing three aircraft to land and take off in parallel at the same time). With the launch of the third independent runway as well as the second Air Traffic Control Tower and the second End Around Taxiway, waiting times in domestic and international routes have been significantly reduced.

Istanbul Airport, the world’s meeting point warmly welcomes you and ensures you have the travel experience of a lifetime. When flying domestically benefit from Turkish Airlines Lounge Domestic. When flying internationally benefit from Turkish Airlines Lounge Business.