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Business travel tips

The dynamics of business travel are unprecedented; to keep up, you can seek support from a Travel Management Company (TMC). In addition, it is important that you are prepared. After all, forewarned is forearmed. On this page we therefore provide a list of frequently asked questions and business travel tips.

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Business travel tip 1: Be prepared
This tip sounds obvious. In practice, however, we see that business travelers are insufficiently aware of the risks. Ask yourself the following questions about your travel destination. Am I aware of the cultural differences? Are there any current (political) threats? Are there any travel restrictions? What are common scams? Do I need to carry other currencies? Are there any religious beliefs I should be aware of? In addition to these questions, there is much more you can prepare for. For each destination, our colleagues can fully inform you of all the ins and outs.
Business travel tip 2: Be aware of the etiquette per destination
Knowledge of local etiquette exudes professionalism. Especially as a business traveler, you go out for important (formal) appointments. With knowledge of local etiquette you show genuine interest in the culture of your business contact, which gives you an edge. Conversely, you can come across as a klutz and immediately be one step behind.
Business travel tip 3: Are you aware of your company's travel policy?
Every company has its own travel policy. Often the travel policy is signed once by business travelers and then not looked after. We understand that this is not the most exciting document, but we strongly advise you to study the document so you know what to do in case of irregularities. It will also make the entire process of business travel a lot smoother for all parties involved.
Business travel tip 4: Do you prefer to be in charge of your own business travel? Use a travel management app!
We understand that you may want to take charge of your own business trips or those of your colleagues. After all, booking through a well-known online provider is super easy and fast. But beware, this involves a lot of administrative hassle and you may lack the support of a (business) travel agency. For this reason we offer our own travel management app: the free i:Mo business travel app. Through i:Mo, you book business travel for you and your colleagues with major providers like CheapTickets or Skyskanner, while enjoying various benefits. You get insight into revenue concentration per supplier, corporate savings programs are integrated into the app, all travel data can be managed in one environment and the app is set up based on your travel policy so you are always compliant.
Business travel tip 5: Start a partnership with a TMC
Without blatantly advertising our own service, we want to emphasize how TMC’s contribute to the total result of travel by really getting to know your organization. Imagine the time you save by outsourcing the booking process to a business travel agency. Or the extensive analyses and smart systems that enable efficiency improvements. Or the last minute cancellations and changes that are possible thanks to close connections with airlines and airports. In addition to this ‘direct’ result, with Munckhof Business Travel you enjoy services like 24/7 accessibility, years of knowledge of every destinations, and your own dedicated team. What can Munckhof Business Travel do for you? contact us without obligation

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